The perfect way to cool off on a hot Central Queensland summer in Rockhampton, a new slushie machine is just what you need – for sale now, you can start cooling down right away. All your friends and family will enjoy these icy drinks, the perfect addition to their day.

Simple to use and maintain, our slushie machines will also drive profits into your business, with people streaming in the door to sample the delicious addition to your countertop.


We only produce the best ingredients for you, so you can make sure that all the food that goes into your body is of the highest quality. With fruity non-alcoholic options, cocktail-inspired frozen daiquiris and special premium flavours, you’ll never run out of delicious drink options. We even have 99% fruit-based slushies for school canteens, so you can keep the kids happy with a sweet, icy treat – and the parents happy with a healthy, affordable snack.

Your new slushie machine is easy to maintain

We design and manufacture all of our party food machines, including fairy floss makers and popcorn makers, in-house, so we can assure you the best quality units (and top desserts, too). The high-power industrial motor is able to handle endless frozen mixes, churning all day long.

Once you’re finished enjoying all the frozen treats, cleaning the machine is a breeze, as its stainless steel container almost repels ice cream stains, fingerprints and grime. The machine disassembles easily, with the drip tray at the bottom sliding straight out, for easy cleaning of all the parts. This way, you can have more slushies again tomorrow – with no worry about the mess!

And we have one-year warranties

If your unit ever does stop churning for a moment, simply return it to us and our manufacturing team will ensure it’s up and running again in no time. Your warranty covers parts and service, so you can have slushies without having to be concerned about the repair.

Our finance plans mean anyone can enjoy the slushies

If you’re not ready to buy your slushie machine outright, we’re able to organise single-hire and rent-to-own financing for you. Our payment plans mean that over 24 or 36 months, you’re able to pay off your machine, avoiding the down payment, but reaping all the delicious benefits of your own slushies.

Wherever you are in Rockhampton, we have the desserts for you.

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