Slushie Machine Syrup Toowoomba


Our range of slushy machine syrups are delicious, sweet and cool, the perfect addition to your summer’s day in Toowoomba. With fruity favourites, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail and daiquiri flavours, and 99% fruit juice mixes for school canteens, we have everything you need to keep spinning throughout the day. Slushies are absolutely the best way to cool down from the burning sun or at the end of a long day.

You can buy in bulk, ready to fill your one; two or three flavour model. Just contact your nearest distributor to find out the best price. Why not try them all and really experience all the slushy fun?


Our fruity mixes are great for children and adults with a bit of a sweet tooth – in short, everyone. We’ve designed some new, exciting flavours to add to the mix of old staples, but why not try all of them and see which one your favourite is?

One box of six x 2 L bottles costs $45.00 + GST

20% juice premium syrup
If you’re after something a little more special than standard, have a look at our premium syrups, guaranteed to delight your sophisticated tastebuds. We’ve concocted a range exclusively for you, so take a look and choose which one you’ll try in your machine next.

For our premium syrups: 6 x 2 Litre Bottles – $60.00 + GST.

Cocktails and daiquiris
The slushy machine syrup available in Toowoomba also comes ready to mix with your favourite alcoholic beverage for a great night in. We have all the traditional cocktails, so you can choose from Mojito, Cosmos or Sex on the Beach – drink your daiquiris in style. All flavours can be used without alcohol, so even the kids can enjoy a fun “Mocktail”!

For the cost of frozen cocktail mix, see above section on ‘fruity slushies’.

99% fruit slushy mix for healthy frozen treats in schools
Any student who needs a break from study – or just wants to cool off during recess – deserves a bit of a sweet treat. And what better way to satisfy their tastebuds than with a delicious frozen slushy? Made of 99% fruit, these slushies will also keep parents happy, containing the nutritional benefits of fruit. Available in children’s favourite colours and flavours.

One box, containing 2 x 5 litre bottles is $89.00 NO GST.

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